Montcony 2012

By Jan Jauncey

October 21st sees the ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the loss of the plane & crew which took off from Linton and crashed near the village of Montcony in Burgundy. This led to organised resistance to the Nazi regime in that area. The fight for freedom which this started has been commemorated ever since.

A Montcony farmhouse

A group from Linton village will attend the remembrance and build on links made with Montcony in recent years. We hope this year to present them with a Yorkshire Rose to go in their Memorial Garden alongside the bench.

Anyone from the area would be welcome to join us. A display of photographs will be available throughout June in Linton Village Hall.

  • At present the thinking is to go by train: possibly Thursday to Tuesday
  • York to Kings Cross Thursday morning
  • Walk over to St Pancras.
  • St Pancras to Paris (Eurostar)
  • Paris Gare de Nord to Paris Gare de Lyon
  • Train to Dijon by Thursday Tea time
  • Stay there two nights and explore the history, the wine areas and the town – visit the famous Mustard shop!  (several years of school trips from Easingwold have been to Dijon!)
  • Train to Louhans and stay in the hotel there (Sat & Sun)
  • Louhans is a short car ride/taxi to Montcony
  • Louhans has an amazing market on Monday til 12 noon
  • Train back to Dijon (hotel Monday one night)
  • Train back to Paris then to London and York

Further details from Penny Johnson or Jan Jauncey (848336).

Sylvie, Gilles and Jan. ‘The Twinning committee’