Diamond Jubilee of our Queen

By Maureen Stringer

As the whole country were preparing for their celebrations, in a little village in North Yorkshire, Linton-on-Ouse – preparations were also being made in readiness for Monday 4th June.

The day started a bit grey and overcast but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We were there at 8am and ready to go. Up went the tents, gazebos and all the bustle of “where shall we put the beer & tea tent?”. Then the stage arrived in the shape of a hay wagon, great!

The morning was moving along very quickly – soon it was 12 noon and all was ready. The field looked fantastic with the bunting and flags waving in the beautiful sunshine, the sky was a brilliant bright blue – we all breathed a sigh of relief – the weather was smiling on us.

A quick dash home for a wash and brush up and back to it for any last minute preparations – have we got the medals for the children? Has the beer arrived for the tug of war? Where are the flowers for our judges?


At last its 1pm. Open the gates… the people of Linton poured onto the field setting up their picnic chairs and blankets. Excitement was running round the field …the children were all happy and eager for the start of our Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


Well at last we got underway with our Procession of the crowns. There were shiny ones and bejewelled ones, small and neat, large and elegant ones. There goes the fanfare for our contestants to start their procession around the arena for all to see – what a spectacle!

Mrs Jan Jauncy was our judge and I have to say (I’m glad I wasn’t judging) what a task to have choose from that line up! After a great deal of thought the winners were pulled out, photographed and presented with their medals. Mrs Jauncy was presented with a floral arrangement.


We are very lucky to have our own dance school in Linton and they came along and did a brilliant display the dance teacher Mrs Natalie McCormick was thanked again given a floral arrangement.



Then it was on to the races. They were taken with such gusto by both the children and adults! Time to give out the picnic bags to the children – this caused great excitement and total confusion.



Linton’s-got-Talent and yes it has, we were entertained with dancing, singing, acrobatics all done to music – a young man did acrobatic tricks with a yo yo, a young lady sang with no music – all absolutely fantastic and what courage to stand in front of all those people well done to them all.

Mrs Jean Thompson had the pleasure of judging. Mrs Thompson was also thanked and given a floral tribute.

Mrs Bev Fielding then had everyone up dancing Zumba style – great fun was had by all who took part both young and old.

The weather by this time was sunny and warm. Everybody was relaxed and enjoying the day. The beer tent and tea stall were doing well and the ice cream stall had almost sold out – well at 1952 prices I’m not surprised!

Then it was time for the tug of war! Everyone was on their feet to watch and cheer. Three tugs and the men from the village won! What a cheer went up! They were duly presented with their box of beer to celebrate with.

Both our sit down bingo and jubilee purse were won with £50 for the purse and £100 for the bingo winner well done to the winners – not a bad return for £1.

We then had the mugs presented to the children by Brian Marston of the Parish Council (bought and paid for by the PC).

Time to cut our Jubilee cake, made for us by Sam in the village – isn’t it beautiful the decoration was so carefully done. It was cut up and distributed – it tasted as good as it looked. It’s really scrummy! Thank you Sam.

Things are drawing to a close now and its time for our Last Night at the Proms. Here we go then, on to the stage with the children – break out the flags and away we go – Rule Britannia, God Save our Queen, Land of Hope and Glory – sang with such gusto and of course, all in tune!

We didn’t want it to end, but all too soon it was over time to take everything down and clear away. What we hadn’t realised, was that it was 7:45pm – where had the time gone?

The field started to empty …the villagers of Linton were returning to their homes – we hope happy and glorious – having had a fun time with family, friends and neighbours. We hope we had accomplished what we had set out to do and that was to bring people together having a very happy and enjoyable time. We will remember fondly the day Linton celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Especially the children – we hope that it will live in their memory – and if they are lucky enough to see another King or Queen celebrate a Jubilee, that they will remember that they celebrated in Linton-on-Ouse.

I hope as we did, that you all had a really awesome and amazing day. Well done to all who helped and supported the day.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations – Order of events

  • Open gates at 1pm
  • 1:30pm Parade – children to parade around the arena
  • Natalie McCormick School of Dance
  • Races
  • Distribution of picnic bags
  • Linton’s got Talent
  • Tug of War
  • Sit Down Bingo
  • Zumba
  • Winner of Royal Mint
  • Medals for children’s races / Presentation of mugs – Parish Council Brian Marston
  • Cutting the cake –
  • National anthem and last night at the proms.