Open Space Allotment Project Linton on Ouse Parish Council


Last year the Parish Council posted a leaflet to Linton on Ouse Villagers asking who might be interested in an allotment, should one be provided.

At the time quite a few people showed interest but unfortunately several have dropped out. If the project is to succeed we must have positive interest otherwise the project will fail.

Please register or re-register your interest by 1st March 2016 by email to


Many thanks

Mike Croft Chairman Linton on Ouse Parish Council 01347 848313


NYCC Highways Update 19th January 2011

I am really pleased to advise that Ella Bridge has been inspected today and the Structures team have confirmed it is safe to reopen the C100 between Tollerton and Newton on Ouse. The Highways Officer is currently on his way to remove the signs and barriers.

Linton Bridge unfortunately cannot be inspected by the divers due to the undercurrent of the river. The Structures team have advised the river flow will be re-assessed tomorrow with the divers ready to carry out the inspection should it be safe to do so.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise again for the inconvenience and disruption the Linton Bridge closure is causing to residents, businesses and the travelling public