Linton on Ouse History Group Event – Friday 21st June at 7.30pm

What the Census tells us about Linton on Ouse – Friday 21st June at 7.30pm

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  • Who lived in Linton on Ouse in the past?
  • What work did they do?
  • How many people lived in each house?

To help us interpret the census data, unlocking the secrets of the past, the re-formed Linton on Ouse History Group will be holding an event at the Village Hall on Friday 21st June at 7.30pm. Census records will be on display.

The evening will include:

• A short talk by Jan Jauncey, teasing out the fascinating facts hidden in the Census records
• A fun quiz on the history of the village (with the emphasis on fun!)
• Cheese and wine (orange for children!)

To celebrate the re-forming of the Linton on Ouse History Group the event is free and all are very welcome (children included). We will be looking for ideas for future events, a chance to share the enthusiasm we have for the history of the village, and a preview of some of the ideas we have for the future!