Would you like an Allotment?

Linton Parish Council are considering providing allotments if there is sufficient interest and the land is obtainable.
Please register your interest by emailing Bill Frost (Clerk to Linton-on-Ouse Parish Council) using email address Willyfrosty@aol.com
Bill will require your:
  • Name
  • Email address (if available) or home address
  • and a phone number
You may not receive a response from Bill until the 9th October from Friday onwards as he will not be available to respond. But please do register your interest ASAP.
Many thanks.

More warm greetings from Montcony (our twin village)

From: Sylvie Monin-Badey, Montcony

It is said in the book entitled “The Wit and Opinions of Douglas Jerrold” (1859) that “The Best thing I know between France and England is – the sea”.

We both know there is more than the sea !

There are our friendships, memorials, ceremonies, commemorations, and twinning – warm exchanges stemming from the 23rd October 1942 tragedy during which 8 RAF & RCAF airmen died. This Halifax aircraft crash has a very special meaning for us, even after 71 years.

Time passes but the memories remain.

Your R.A.F. airmen and Linton-on-Ouse villagers gave us such a warm welcome, we have to express our appreciation and sincere thanks to Mrs Jan Jauncey and the Linton twinning group, the school French club, Mr Brian Marston, Mr David Cooper the Station Commander, Mr Fred Dawson, Mr Geoff Woods, Mr Alan Mauby, and to the Hall family especially Sgt Georges Chambers’ niece and the Pennington’s – family friends of Denis Teague – as they had travelled such a long way to be with us at Linton.

The French side was composed of:

  • The flagbearer who represented the former resistants of Louhans, called “The second batallion of resistant soldiers (2nd BCP);
  • Two members of the RAFA Association branches in Lyon and Geneva;
  • Three Chevaliers de l’Ordre National du Mérite (three Knights of the National Merit Order – This Order was created by General de Gaulle in 1963);
  • Some members of the Souvenir Français association;
  • Mrs Valerie Jacquesson, the Montcony school teacher;
  • Some members of the two Montcony associations namely : “The Souvenirs-Memories twinning association” and “Montcony Loisirs association” that is in charge of the villagers’ entertainments;
  • Another participating association was “Les Amis de Sornay” (History group);

Our visit, on Tuesday 6th August 2013,  importantly symbolized our Linton-on-Ouse – Montcony twinning for friendship and “Entente cordiale”.

Thank you to all!