Warm greetings from Montcony (our twin village)

As an inhabitant of  MONTCONY and a member of the MONTCONY-LOISIRS Association, I wanted to send you a few lines in English to express our warmest thanks about your generous hospitality last Tuesday. But please excuse me in advance : I might damage your language a bit…

The President, M. Jean-Paul CHATOT and all of us have been immensely touched by your warm welcome.

When we were children, we were regularly told “the story of the crash” by our parents and grandparents. This tragic event has created a bond between our two villages forever…
Together with Mme Sylvie MONIN-BADEY, President of the SOUVENIRS-MEMORIES Association and Mrs Jan JAUNCEY, we had thought of this trip for several years… Thanks to all of you, it had become a reality and it was a moment filled with great emotion.
Thank you so much for your kindness.

Yours sincerely.
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