Further greetings from Montcony and messages of appreciation

Sylvie Monin-Badey wrote in to say:

I thank you very much for your gifts and your warm welcome at school, and at the RAF airfield. All my thanks to Mr Fred DAWSON and Mr David COOPER.  They made us a very successful visit.

I hope you will take care and keep an eye on my rose¬†bush, it is “in my heart”, very precious in my memories.

Thank you again for your lovely and warm welcome and for making the whole visit happen!



Janine Darphin wrote:

Thank you very much for this wonderful trip.

Today, I still feel nostalgic for your country.



Vic Pennington wrote:

Many thanks once again for such a wonderful day.

Vic and Maureen


Ken Hall wrote:

Once again, thank you so much for inviting us up to Linton, it was amazing to be able to see the base and meet yourself and the French group. They are so full of enthusiasm!